Like Skee-ball meets Cornhole... but with ping pong balls!

Plus, its modular design offers a variety of expansions that put a unique spin on other classic games.

How about a BOUT of BOUNSKEE?

It's a Finesse Sport!

Ping pong balls can be finicky so you gotta finesse 'em in! An exciting combination of luck and skill, Bounskee is a great way to engage with others. Be it a simple high score contest, a full on tournament, or just a fun way to pass the time, we aim to build community through healthy competition! How about a bout of Bounskee?

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Sport Meets Art!

Bounskee is not just confined to traditional gameplay—it can be a canvas for your imagination. The original version, aptly named BYO Bounskee (Build Your Own Bounskee), ships flat and is assembled by you, offering a DIY project intertwined with play. This unique version also doubles as a canvas for artistic expression. Whether through custom engraving or painting, each BYO Bounskee can become an individual masterpiece.

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A Promotional Tool

A custom engraved Bounskee makes a fantastic branded attraction for your business! Use it in your store to engage with your customers in a new way or take it with you to events to attract fun-loving attendees. Since the backboards are interchangeable, you can change the appearance of your Bounskee- making it great for different contests and other kinds of promotions!

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